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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 3, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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dozen teenagers during a slumber party. we're live on the scene next. firefighters having a tough time gaining ground on a large wild fire burning in napa county. and this morning, more bay area crews are on their way to help. and we have stronger wind out there this morning. but basically we are going to see a repeat performance of what we experienced yesterday as we get into your independence day comfortable conditions across the bay area. and then we're going to heat you up over the weekend, and the triple digits are in the extended forecast. we'll time it all out for your microclimate in just moments. we have a lot of dependence getting on to 280. we're talking about that, you're alternate as well as the slow down is starting in livermore. i'll give you that coming up. and let's take a live look outside at san francisco. today is thursday, july 3rd, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is
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"today in the bay." well good morning everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. new details, south bay softball players may be on the bench after a backyard fire pit exploded causing some of them to get burned. it happened late last night at their coaches house in campbell. and that's where we find "today in the bay's" bob redell now with the very lathes, good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning laura. what's remarkable is none of the girls was seriously hurt when the gas fire pit exploded that the home here on breyerwood way in campbell. it happened just around 10:00 last night. you had six girls, all teammates on a fast pitch softball team, they were roasting marshmallows around the built-in fire pit. it sounded like a fire cracker according to the homeowner. the force was so strong it damaged the fire ring and sent debris in the air. two girls went to the hospital to be treated for minor burn
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injuries. they are expected to be okay. the homeowner tells us his fire pit was about three and a half years old. used it many times and never had any problems until last night. >> the fire pit had been going for a good hour, hour and a half. the girls were toasting marshmallows. it wasn't something where, you know, you turn the gas on, light it, and there's an explosion. it was going for a quite -- quite a while. >> reporter: santa clara county fire responded to last night's explosion. their investigator is still trying to figure out what caused that fire ring to fail. reporting live here in campbell, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, glad they're okay, thanks bob. while crews were responding to the fire, the emergency dispatch center in santa clara county lost the ability to dispatch ambulances and fire trucks. it's unclear what happened, but the emergency management services director thinks it could have been son-in-law type of power surge. it happened -- some type of
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power surge. it happened late last night, the systems used to dispatch ambulances and fire trucks by commuters went down. dispatchers had to find a contingency plan. >> we had calls routed through different mechanisms and the calls were manually dispatched from this parking lot to the ambulances be in the field. everyone who called 911 received promptly a fire department first response unit and county ambulance. >> after 90 minutes, the problems were fixed by midnight. now to a developing story, we're keeping an eye on that wild fire in napa county. crews hoping the cooler temperatures overnight will help them gain ground. the fire grew to 3800 acres. it remains just 30% contained. two homes destroyed. 400 other homes and buildings threatened. the governor secured federal money to help fight the fire, and that means fire agencies will be partially reimbursed for their costs and bay area crews are on their way to help. "today in the bay's" kris
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sanchez live in san leandro, local firefighters just left, right kris? >> reporter: they just left about a half hour ago, scott, they're ready for whatever comes, they are headed to napa county. the napa pope county line and that's where they expect to get their marching orders. they could deploy for as long as 14 days. they left in state rigs. earlier they left in their own rigs, but the positions rigs strategically around the state so they can hop in and not leave their home territory uncovered. there are 22 firefighters, women and men from fremont, hayward, livermore, pleasanton, oakland, and the alameda county fire department. they don't know where they're going, but they are ready to hit the ground running. they expect they will be working in steep terrain and as always, they were ready to go. >> other than the military, nobody moves resources and personnel up and down the state of california like your bay area firefighters. >> reporter: now the battalion
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chief says they will head up to the napa pope county line. they don't know whether they will be working on containment or whether they will be working on mop-up, but they do expect they will be working in the steep terrain, likely hiking in to deploy hoses to help with that fire fight. at 30d % containment, they expect to be at the base camp by 7:00 this morning. sop that is probably not going to -- so that is probably not going to change. likely they'll be there for a little while. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all right kris sanchez, thank you much. meanwhile things are getting worse for firefighters statewide. as of last night, nearly 1506 acres burned in the se coy ya national forest. the number could grow this morning and in northern california neither oregon border, lightning strikes have sparked several fires. the largest of them about 2,000 acres. now we have images and video of the napa county fire on our website, you can get the latest on the
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fire fight as well. now far look at what kind of conditions firefighters are facing in napa county, let's fwling christina loren, good morning. good morning, scott, it's a good news, bad news scenario. temperatures are really comfortable, mid-50s in the area, and your kmudty is up. we're getting that moist pacific air and it'll continue to get throughout the day. the problem area are these very erratic wind in the area. they pick up, they drop back up, and right now, the strongest wind speeds sustained that i was able to pick up was 17 miles per hour and that'll definitely span the flames in the area. this is something that we're really watching for you closely. as that sun comes up, we have a chopper on the way, we'll try to bringout live arls as soon as they come in this morning. 57 degrees in san francisco, otherwise, it's going to be nice out there for today. we're going to keep that cool ocean air coming in. if you liked yesterday, you'll like what we're cooking up for you today. and especially for tomorrow when
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you have the day off and you can get on out there and enjoy the beautiful bay area weather. we have a little bit of drizzle out there this morning. widespread low clouds, that is the natural ac my friends and the on shore flow will north carolina as we head throughout the afternoon which means the wind is going to pick up. it'll be fierce again, especially at the immediate coast as we head throughout this evening. the fog will roll back in, and tomorrow we're setting up for another gorgeous day. before we crank up that heat for both saturday and sunday. these are your temperatures for today, 82 degrees in the south bay. 67 for the east shore. 63 in san francisco. kind of cool there, and i want to give you a preview. we're going to go over all the big events this morning. happening across the bay area and the weather that'll accommodate you. let's start in san jose. the alameda is the place to be. 10:00 a.m. the parade, 70 degrees. the festival/picnic kicks off the about 2:00 p.m. make sure you bring your sunscreen. and then the big fireworks show at 9:00, 67 degrees, completely
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clear out there. a beautiful place to post up and watch those fireworks. we're going to talk about what else is happening, and you know what, mike inouye, mike inouye will be making an appearance this year, i'm not going to say where. don't tell them yet. >> we'll let you tell that, christina. then also we don't want to give people that much warning because they'll go away from there. you'll be surprised i might show up where you are. looking over here to dublin, smooth drive for west 580. thrilled to be part of a number of bay area things. thanks for inviting me. over here, look at the maps, moves smoothly. it's over at north livermore. someone had a flat tire. pulled their car, sounded like they pulled off the roadway, but we see the slowing, look at the pattern. there may be a slow lane block, there's flairs causing a distraction that's holding folks. up. pretty easy build out of the pass. the south bay, no problems for your northbound commute, that's easily and early for your
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thursday morning. smooth drive along the peninsula as well. now we're going to talk about issues. over towards the bay bridge, the plaza itself, life shot, we'll see that all lanes are clear. even the cash leans question of a back-up. that has cleared for all lanes, even the left approach. back to the maps getting into san francisco via the bay bridge is a nice drive. oakland we have a game at 6:05, giants play at 12:45, we talk about this construction. we'll give you more details in just about 30 second, but i want to let you know that into the city all of your mass transit routes are options. no delays reported for the bart or cal train system. and now we need to tell people why we have the big concern going on right now. >> thanks mike. new this morning, the reason that mike didn't mention anything about 28 0e near the -- 280 near the ball park, it's closed. part of interstate 280 in san francisco closed for construction. >> and it's not just impacting commuters, and ifs actually heading to this afternoon's
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giants game are trying to figure out a new way to get to at&t park. >> nannette miranda live with how that's going, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, well since last night's closure, this is the first morning that drivers will not have access to northbound 280 at the 101 split. it's because of that behind me. look above, construction crews moved in overnight to replace a 40-year-old seismic safety hinge. that involves demolishing a portion of the freeway, and you can see the brake right now putting in the new hinge, then cementing it into place. that'll require several days work, meaning northbound 280 from the 101 split will have to be closed until 5:00 a.m. monday. as you can imagine, this could create a traffic mess. and it's not just this morning's commute, but you have a giant's game as you guys mention later this afternoon, upper in the park on saturday, fourth of july activities all through the weekend. the traffic will force thousands
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of drivers to use the 280 extension on to city streets or 101. that potential gridlock has some people rethinking their plans. >> if i knew the highway was closed and i had to come downtown, i'd have to change my mind, i wouldn't do it. >> reporter: back here live, caltrans hard at work to replace the safety hinge so the freeway is safer during an earthquake. caltrans stlas isn't at good time to cloets highway, but the holiday weekend could be the best time because many people are out of town. now southbound 280 will remain open during the closure of rather southbound 280 will remain open during the closure of northbound 280 and again, this closure will happen until 5:00 a.m. monday morning, and brace yourself because i think there will be another closure scheduled for labor day weekend. live in san francisco, nannette miranda for "today in the bay." >> all the big holidays we're
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talking about, thanks nannette. arthur turns into a hurricane overnight. now baring down on the east coast. we'll have the latest details next. plus will they? won't they? new wrinkle isn't the efforts to iron out a deal to keep the a's at oakland coliseum. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting, and public service in television journalism, all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back. check employ stuck in the middle of a fight between amazon and google. taking action against a former employee who left his job to work at google. the employee reportedly left amazon in april, started working
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on google's cloud project in may. that violates the employee's noncompete clause calling google a district competitor. now the suit was filed in washington state where amazon is because california courts don't uphold noncompete clauses. back to business for india's bombay stock exchange. network power outage stopped all trading. it lasted several hours. this is the second time the stock exchange has suffered an outage. now for a look at how our markets are doing or will do, let's turn to morgan brennan, good morning. >> reporter: hi scott, futures are higher, that's ahead of the june job's report that's due in about 16 minutes. it's expected to show hiring remained strong for a fifth straight month. forecast calling for companies that add 215,000 jobs. unemployment expected to hold steady at #.3%. we also get data today on filings for unemployment, trade
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deficit. the dow rising to 16,976. nasdaq slipping a fraction to 4457. meanwhile gm will soon offer high speed internet service on all of its 2015 model cars. the automaker is trying to compete with the my sync service. reports say the wi-fi option will let users link up to seven phones, laptops or other devices to the web or customers will have to pay for data. back to you. >> thank you much. it's 5:16, arthur is now the first hurricane of the 2014 atlantic season. several hurricane warnings have been issue issued across north carolina. the storm is not expected to hit land. the forecasters predict north carolina's outser banks could be hit the hardest. coming up in about half hour, we will have a live report from north carolina with a closer look at situation there. in the men time, let's get your july 4th forecast. >> good morning, so many people
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in town, so many kids excited about the fourth of july. 5:16 now, thanks for waking up with us each and every morning. especially if you're having an abbreviated workweek, i bet you're excited about sleeping in tomorrow. you know what, we are going to experience more of the same as we head throughout tomorrow. basically today's a repeat performance of yesterday. we're going to keep that going for tomorrow. another carbon copy day for you, and then, we crank that heat toward the century mark, and yeah, 100s in the forecast. that's when you start to perk up, 57 degrees in san francisco, 57, good morning to you in san jose, and we're at 55 degrees this morning in half-moon bay, plenty of clouds to go around. but in pleasanton, you can see what's left of the marine layer, it's fading now that the sun is out. san jose, beautiful start, s.a.p. center where cher brought the house down last night, i know because i was will there. i'd go right back there right now if i could turn back town.
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outdoor today, coastal drizzle, widespread low clouds to kick off your thursday. it's going to feel like a friday for a lot of people. a lot will be headed to the beach. we're going to get choice conditions for the next couple of days. especially when we lose that wind. today and tomorrow we'll be on the breezy side. as we head throughout the weekend, we're going to lose the wind, your beach conditions get even better. fog's going to roll in tonight, as a result, it's going to be a little bit cloudy this evening, but perfect barbecue weather if that's something you want to do. i have to point out, we're still in a drought, even though we have no red flag warnings in place, you want to be on your best. resources are spread thin this time of year. a lot of people like to light off those sparklers, please, please, please, only do it in the designated areas where it's legal and make sure you're very cautious this year. if you're headed to the city, whoa, it's going to be nice. 9:00 p.m., 60 degrees when the fireworks light up the sky. no real obstruction to the view.
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it should be nice and clear looking forward to that. let's check your drives with here's mike inouye. we're looking at the golden gate bridge. low clouds hanging out. they're just off in the distance will. there you go for that view via the north bay is an easy drive across that span. the bay bridge, also a very easy drive. the issue is northbound 280, you can't use that north of 101 whereby this entire stretch is closed. construction going on here. this whole stretch is closed, you'll use 101 adding to the traffic because you're blending into the bay bridge. get familiar with vermont street, that'll take you to 16th back over towards mission bay. same thing for seventh or fourth, over towards the king street area or at&t park. or better yet, mass transit if you're going to the giant's game. that'll be a lot of congestion before and after the game getting into the evening hours. looking at the rest of the bay, easy drive. the bridges, we'll show you that in a second. i want to show you over here,
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the drive across the bridges, those are moving nicely, but being a getaway because folks have tomorrow off, i've heard of folks heading towards tahoe this weekend. and they're going to head up there maybe around 2:00 or 3:00 and that'll be an issue. or, east on 580 as part of the central valley. that'll be an issue later on. over here, we talked about that, we to want show you now, easy drive westbound and no problems for visibility seeing the high-rise and the peninsula is clear, back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. texas governor rick perry is set to testify at a texas state hearing on the surge of undocumented immigrants crossing the border. today's hearing is expected to look at how the state is responding to the growing number of underage children crossing into the u.s. the president was working on changes to speed up the dez porations of children caught at the border. because there are so many undocumented immigrants in texas, the department of homeland security is flying groups of them into southern
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california to be prosed. now people in the town of marietta are fighting back. during a special meeting last night, they expressed their anger. >> use the word illegal alien. illegal. >> i'm undocumented myself, and i understand what it feels like to be pushed away and not wanted in this country. >> i'm hoping lawmakers -- >> outside neating, a number of immigrants rights activists gathered. the border patrol says more buses will arrive in marietta tomorrow. police have prepared for protesters to be there as well. today protesters in san francisco will show their support for brazilian transit worker fired for striking during the world cup. brazilian workers felt what she did, the subway workers union wanted higher wages and more funding towards the country's transit system. it is calling for the workers to get their jobs back. it starts at 4:00 outside the
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brazilian consulate. it is 5:21 right now. we're going to find out if the a's extend the lease at will be approved. coliseum authority is supposed to approach them this morning. lou wolf approved the plan, but the city of oakland wants changes. city representatives make up half of the board. so they can stop it there. wolf will not give oakland anymore than what's in that current offer. well time now 5:22, thousands of people petitioning the white house asking for special recognition for team usa soccer. soccer goal tender tim howard, what they're asking for next. if you're looking for something to do on the fourth of juld, we have suggestions. head over to and in the upper left corner, we have fourth of july events guides for you.
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you're watching "today in
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the bay." well america's love for tim howard just keeps growing. >> yeah flooded twitter showing all the things the team usa goal tender could actually save. >> it doesn't stop there, pair of petitions have started at the white house, we the people page one asked the president to name howard secretary of defense, the defense, you know, get it? as of this morning, fewer than a thousand people signed that one. >> this one's getting more traction. more than 13,000 people asked the president to rename the rornld reagan national airport after howard. the petition says quote, tim howard has shown himself to be a national treasure. minister of defense friend of joe biden and holder for the record of the most saves in a world cup match. therefore we politely requested q that we rename the airport to recognize his achievement. the white house promised to respond to any petition to reach more than 100,000 temperature within a month.
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>> here's help for your fourth of july barbecue. >> long horn steak house opens up its grilling hotline this morning. from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., a grilling expert will be available to help you out. the number, as we put it on your screen -- >> 5:26, don't dial that. >> long horn is also offering help through text, facebook, twitter, and instagram. >> reminds me of a copy of the turkey butterball line. >> exactly. >> call and grill if you wish. >> don't let them burn. let's check the forecast, people will be firing up the barbecues, christina. >> which means you don't want to the leave the barbecue until that fire is completely out. i can tell you right now, we are going to have gusty wind. strong enough to potentially knock over some of your barbecues if you're waking up at the immediate coast. the wind right now is very light, but as the cardinals take on the giants later on today. wind is going to play a big
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factor in today's game. wind out of the west, 10 to 156 miles an hour. you'll see the flags going towards center field. we'll talk about what else is happening across the bay area, coming up, right now back to you scott and laura. 5:27, the jobs report out in three minutes. what it says about economic recovery coming up next. emergency dispatch down in the south bay overnight. dispatchers are trying to figure out what went wrong.
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enjoying an evening out in the backyard around the fire ring. and quite some time into the fire being established, it exploded. >> a slumber party turns into a nightmare for a group of campbell teens. the two girls taken to the hospital after the explosion. we'll have a live update next. and crews are working through the night to try to contain that large wild fire
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burning in the north bay. latest on that progress next. now the sun is up, we'll get a better view of the progress this morning as we head throughout your day today, repeat performance shaping up for you. comfortable conditions for your independence day, and then we're going to crank that heat over the weekend, we'll tell you the places to be if you want to keep cool in your microclimate weather forecast. and we're looking at a slow down starting already in the just the last couple minutes at the bay bridge and getting there, highway 13, i have a new crash for the freeway, we'll tell you about that coming up. and let's take a peek outside, look at that, sun coming up, creating a beautiful glow across the south bay this morning. it's thursday, july 3rd, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bap area -- bay area, this is "today in the bay." and a very good morning to you, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we have details about a backyard fire pit that exploded overnight
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in campbell. six girls were sitting around the pit at the time. bob redell live outside the house where it happened. two girls sent to the hospital. >> reporter: and fortunately they're going to be okay. good morning, scott. this was a built-in barbecue pit, the kind that is fueled by a natural gas line. six girls, teammates on a fast pitch softball team. they were sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows at this home in campbell. everything was fine for the first hour, hour and a half. then around 10:00 last night, the fire pit exploded. shooting out debris into the backyard, and as he mentioned, sending two of the girls to the hospital. >> so when i heard the blast, i still assumed it was a big fire cracker and they come sprinting into the kitchen and i started seeing some blood on knees and feet and hand and on the neck and things like that. >> reporter: the two girls who were sent to the hospital were treated for minor burn injuries.
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they're going to be okay. the other four were picked up and taken home. the homeowner tells us his fire pit was three and a half years old. he used it around 30 to 40 full-time times. he never had problems with it. and it's not like they turn it on and had this immediate explosion. they were sittings around the fire pit for quite some time before it blew up. what caused it to explode? that's the job of the santa claire ka aren't -- clara fire department. they will be investigating the cause. reporting live here in campbell, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right bob, thank you. it's interesting, scott, flfrts were at the scene, the dispatch center was down. the center lost the ability to dispatch ambulances and fire trucks by computer. at one point workers had to use radios in the parking lot to manual dispatch ambulances to emergencies. after about 90 minutes, the problems were fixed by midnight. still trying to figure out exactly what happened, but the
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emergency management services district thinks it could -- director thinks it could have been a power surge. the june jobs report released, and it's really, really strong. 288,000 jobs added, that puts the unemployment rate at 6.1%, down from 6.3% last month. the day the data released early of course because tomorrow is the first friday of the month, but it's also the fourth of july. very solid number this morning for the u.s. economy. it's 5:33, developing now in the north bay, napa's famous vineyards are safe from a raging wild fire for now. hundreds of homes are still in the path of the flames. that fire started on tuesday, it's already burned 3800 acres. and still 30% contained. the fire destroyed two homes and burned several other sheds and shacks. nearly 400 hopes and buildings are in the line of the fire and hundreds of people are evacuated. last night, some people living near the bay area say it's only two miles from the fire and
5:34 am
leaves precious things behind. >> animals were taken somewhere else. i had to leave some animals and i had to open a door and hope that they'll survive. >> right now nearly 1,000 firefighters are battling the flames chewing through dry terrain. more crews are on the way. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in san leandro this morning where crews leftless than a half hour ago. >> reporter: yeah, we saw them taking off in state-owned rigs that are positioned here just for this purpose, laura, and they expect they could stay for as long as two weeks. these are folks who are now on the road. they've been on the road for about an hour. they're ready to get their assignments as soon as they arrive at bay's count along the line. these are men and women who usually work in fremont, livermore, pleasanton, oikd, and the alameda county fire department. when they get there, they'll work in five, four-person teams and they'll hit the ground running and stay as long as it
5:35 am
takes. >> other than a military, nobody moves resources and personnel up and down the state of california like your bay area firefighters. >> reporter: now the battalion chief says they don't know their specific orders yet, but they do expect they'll be working in the steep terrain, probably hiking on foot, pulling a lot of fire hose to fight for either containment or to help with mop up if the fire fight goes well today. by the way, while they are gone, no one is uncovered here in the bay area, they are resources that are strategically placed, we are not unprotected here in the bay area while they are there on the fire line. reporting live in san leandro, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> gooded to know, thanks kris. let's check in with christina loren and what you face this fourth of july. >> hey good morning,scott, laura, everybody at home. let's start with the current conditions out there. and it's the overnight and early
5:36 am
morning hours where firefighters rarely are able to make progress because the humidity levels come up, and we are now at 93%. that's a pretty decent humidity level. 56 degrees is the temperature out there, it's the wind that's strong. it picks up and dies and these wind directions are very erratic this morning. so the wind is not favorable, otherwise we do have that higher humidity this morning. and we recollected be getting an update as far as containment goes on the fire as we head throughout the next hour, hour and a half. we will let ewe know as soon as we do. 57 degrees in san francisco, good morning to you, san jose. you are at 57 degrees, 55 in half-moon bay, tiberon. this is all you have to keep you cool in terms of that natural ac out here this morning. nonetheless, you'll still see highs in the 80s nor today, and i want to show you the lovely, lovely start we're getting out here at at&t park where our giants will be back at it. day game, 12:45, and you can see right now, those flags out here
5:37 am
blowing inward. later on today, you're going to see all those flags blowing out towards center field. if you want to catch that game, remember, it's on our sister station, comcast sportsnet bay area, or the radio, knbr, the sports leader. 82 on the south bay, and yeah, 67 degrees, not a bad day shaping up along the east shore. let's talk about what's happening for tomorrow. redwood city has a big party for the fourth of july. as we celebrate our nation's freedom, tomorrow, 10:00 a.m., a parade with our own mike inouye as the grand marshal. a lot of people will be headed out here looking forwarded to seeing you tomorrow, mike. >> all right. and if you're going to throw anything, throw it to me, not at me. reminder folks, honored to be there, the 76th parade. 76th bridge, we have a nice lane. the map will show you no major problems on the approach. look at the maps through the area if we can get through the area here.
5:38 am
we have that earlier crash at park, that is cleared to the shoulder and no drama there. a little slowing for west 580, the big backup is livermore. quick look at the dublin camera and back out to the map. i wanted to show you that traffic. you see the rest of your bay including the south bay and peninsula all moving smoothly. we're talking about mass transit as well. no delays reported there, and also caltrans and bart getting into the city. of course scott and laura, off to you because there's a reason why i'm emphasizing mass transit into san francisco. >> it is so important, we'll look at that and people headed to the game and the city for fireworks, thanks so much. 5:38, investigators looking into a suspicious fire this morning. details next. plus arthur gaining steam turning into a hurricane overnight. people on the east coast bracing for the arrival. the live report from north carolina coming up.
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you're watching "today in
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the bay." welcome back everyone, it is 5:40 this morning the obama administration is facing pressure as it struggles to figure out what to do with young children who cross the border without their parents. "today in the bay's" danielle lee is live in washington, d.c. with more on the immigration fight, good morning, danielle. >> reporter: hi laura, good morning, it's almost an impossible situation, some complain the obama administration needs to be tough on immigration, others say the government isn't doing enough to help these kids. right now the immediate focus however is on trying to ease the overcrowding at these texas facilities and that's proving difficult. just last night, hundreds of angry residents crowded into a town hall meeting in marietta. they're angry that women and children who fled central america are being transferped to their town and earlier this week protesters there blocked buses carrying undocumented migrants. homeland security secretary called them disturbing and said no demonstration are preventing border patrols from doing their job which is prosing these
5:42 am
people. we have seen activists urging compassion, and the government out is with a new advertisement campaign urging people in central america not to come, letting them know that most will not be allowed to stay. later today, house committee is holding a hearing in mccallen, texas, they're going to examine the crisis along the border, i'm danielle lee, back to you. >> thank you very much, danielle. happening now, people living along the east coast preparing for what could be a long and dangerous fourth of july weekend. this hurricane arthur pushes closer to land. jay gray joins us live with a look at the situation, jay. >> reporter: the national hurricane center just advising that this storm is gaining intensity. gone up to 80 mile an hour sustained wind. the forecast saying yeah, the conditions right now, not so much. it's beautiful, beautiful morning. the waves very calm, wind has not been strong at all. of course that's all going to change. things will deteriorate through the day this evening into the
5:43 am
night fall. we're going to see severe winds, some strong rains, flooding's going to be an issue. another issue is there are so many visitors here moving in for the long fourth of july weekend. many who have never been through a storm. the residents here kind of know what they're dealing with, but those that are coming to take part in the holiday, maybe don't. and so officials here really warning those folks, if you decide to stay and ride this thing out, you have to make that decision today before the conditions get worse. make sure you have enough supplies to last without electricity. and don't get anywhere near the water. the rip current's going to be very dangerous, and so they want to make sure that everyone here stays safe. there are mandatory evacuations, haderas island and cape lookout national park and seashore cleared everyone out there. voluntary evacuations and other areas here along the outer banks. there are a lot of towns and cities within the scope of what could be the strike zone here
5:44 am
including boston where they have a huge celebration every year. they've all moved up the fourth of july fireworks shows. they'll do that tonight and wait, scott, to see what kind of fireworks arthur may deliver. >> jay gray, going to stick it out or stay and wait for the hurricane? >> reporter: i think we're going to be okay here here. we have a fallback provision, we're going to stay as long as we can and provide the most up to date information. >> all right, jay, thank you so much. >> jay gray, always dedicated, that's nice. in our neck of the woods, nothing like that. >> definitely. with hd television and all the the spectacular show, you can catch one here on nbc bait area for example on the fourth of july. you still have opportunity to see those fireworks. even if you are headed out there and people do head to the east coast for independence day, keep in mind you're probably going to have to stay indoors on the fourth and maybe even the fifth as well. i can tell you right now, that is not a strong storm and the best part about it is it does
5:45 am
not look like it'll make a district land fall. that means the actual eye kwft hurricane will not move over land. around that eye is where you have the strongest wind. okay, let's get to the bay area's weather because it's a little bit more calm, but we still have our own elements to deal with. morning it's comfortable, little bit of wind out thereto. 58 degrees in livermore, 57, good morning san jose, 55 degrees and in half-moon bay. and i wanted to show you the live picture of the golden gate bridge because it really tells the weather story of the day. we're going to start out overcast and you can see that gray start, but this is what's going to keep us cool here for today and keep temperatures in the inland valley spots in the 80s. nice day shaping up for us. the wind is really going to intensify as we head throughout the second half of the day. mostly between about 12:00 and 7:00 p.m., then ones that wind drops off, the fog will roll back in this evening and the sun will set at about 9:00 p.m. gets dark this time of year. so that's why we have to wait until about 9:00 for the fireworks to starts to light up
5:46 am
the sky as we head through tomorrow, i can't believe it's the fourth of july. 82 for the south bay, it could be much hotter as we get into your holiday weekend. this year, we will be spoiled, we are going to crank up the heat a touch for saturday and sunday, but stay nice and comfortable for tomorrow if you wanted to check out the alameda fair at pleasanton. 58 # degrees at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. you're going to trade that in for 95 by sunday. it's going to be hotter out there. as we head tloult the weekend, temperatures look good, san francisco comfortable, 66 on saturday, and 71 degrees on sunday. we're going to talk about that warming trend coming up right now i want top check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. good morning christina. hey we're looking over here, live picture, check it out. this is 280 in san francisco, and that there is a gap between two sections of the roadway. that's why it's closed. that's why you can't access it because you can't complete your trip. you're getting over there, entire stretch from 101 up towards at&t park, that's the
5:47 am
northbound 280 extension basically getting into san francisco was closed through monday morning. that's the skenled closure, they are fixing a hinge there, one more closure over another weekend, going to sort out the day. folks taking northbound 101 as your alternate. get familiar. maybe seventh or fourth and that'll take you over towards mission bay. they are going to crowded. remember the giants are playing a midday game today. you can use mass transit. caltrans right into the station and you can navigate around the area. nice walk over there. and smooth drive for the rest of the bay, ac transit and the vta, no delays either. back out to show you the streets. and over here, 58340 moves smoothly. the flat tire reportedly clear, but since that flat tire reported, we have that as a sticking point coming out of the pass. smoother drive for 84 and in towards fremont. the south bay moves nicely as well. no real drama here. just a gentle build. speeds are close to the limit, and northbound highway 13, the
5:48 am
earlier crash up the warren freeway around park that has cleared from the roadway. we'll give you a look at oakland traveling up past the coliseum. right now very clear and no gain going on towards the bay bridge tole plaza, back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. it is 5:48, investigators are trying to figure out if the a home in san jose was intentionally set on fire. the house is on north autumn street near the s.a.p. center. no one was home when the fire started after 10:00 last night and it's even possible the home was abandoned. crews put the fire out quick lit and no one was hurt. in san jose police looking for a burglar who broke into a home during the middle of the day. unbeknownst to him, he was noft the only person home. this happened tuesday morning in the neighborhood of san jose. he just got out shower when he heard a knock at the door then another and then another, and then he heard his front door bust open. you see a replay here. ran into the hallway, face to
5:49 am
face with an intruder. he ran the burglar out of his house and on to the street where a new, bluish purpose. honda hatchback was waiting. >> then they gunned it, came straight for me, and i had to dive behind this tree, then swerved right by the curve there and took off and flew around the corner. >> the suspects got away and are still on the loose. police suggest that if someone does knock on your door, let people know you're home. 5:49, jurors will resume deliberations today in the civil case against the l.a. dodgers. yesterday the 12-member jury told the judge it was unable to reach a verdict, but the judge sent the jury back to try again. nearly beaten to death after a game back in 2011. his lawyers are suing for negligence and say the dodgers did not do enough to keep fans safe. survivors of a capsized boat will head back to the gulf of mexico to remember their friends. charles gibson and three other survivors returning to mexico to lay a wreath where the boat
5:50 am
sank. the eric capsized in the sea of cortez in 2011 killing eight northern california men. today the survivors will also receive the cremated remains of the trip organizer and bring those home to san ramone. then the group plans to do what they never did get to do three years ago, they plan to fish. >> in memory of those lost no doubt. 5:50 right now, berkeley city council approved an ordnance requiring pot clubs to give away some marijuana to low income patients. the pot shots will have to hand out 2% of their weed each year to poor members. the ordnance defines low income as $32,000 or under for one person or 46,000 and under for a family of four. one dispensary has been giving it out for the past 15 years. the ordnance may become final in august. mountain view police asking for help to find a sticky bank robber. he rocked a bank between castle
5:51 am
and california street two days ago. witnesses say the most distinct feature is the odor. he wore a long sleeve bass pro shop shirt, he got away with $1300. >> what if he's take an shower? russia has blocked house of cards from filming at the united nations security council in new york. russian leaders say the security chamber is not an appropriate place to film the series. the shows producers wanted to film two episodes in the chamber. it isn't the first time they've requested a building has been denied. believe it or not, alfred hichcaulk had attempted to film a murder scene but was also refused. >> well there you go. 5:51 lack of offense causing the coach to get runs on the board, coming up next. and taking a live look outside, can you make it out? yep, city by the bay, san francisco fogged in. what will be the case for the
5:52 am
fireworks show. christina is keeping tabs on the forecast, mike has the commute. if there is any at all. is anyone working this week? 5:51 right now. the nbc bay area ipad app, gets breaking news, weather report, and video of the days big stories. download the nbc bay area ipad app now.
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you're watching "today in the bay." and welcome back to you, live look at coliseum this. morning. the a's will welcome the blue jays tonight after dropping three straight to the tigers in detroit. live look at at&t park this morning, you know the giants are wrapping up a three game series against the cardinals before hitting the road heading to san
5:55 am
diego. first pitch, 12:45. last night giants were shut down by the ace adam wainwright. final score, 2-0. after the game, bruce bochy announced he's shaking up the lineup in hopes of waking up the bats. he's moving hunter pence to the leadoff spot, their every day leadoff man, angel pecan still dealing with back issues. when brandon belt returns, he's going to bat second. that could happen as soon as tomorrow. tomorrow in fact, thousands will dune in to watch the nathan's hot dog eating competition. >> contestants will weigh in with the mayor of new york city before tomorrow's event. now the one to beat is this guy, joey chestnut from san jose. seven-time men's champion, ate 69 hot dogs. this year he'll return to defend the title. the contest will take place tomorrow on coney island. >> look at the petite woman last year. >> i remember her. and she did really well. >> she put away a lot. christina, mcgrew says he
5:56 am
could eat lasagne, anything on your list? >> no, but i like finding out that mcgrew and garfield have so much in common, with me it's odi. good morning, let's take you outdoors and show you what we're working with. 85 in the north bay and 78 degrees along the peninsula, ie, it's going to be nice out there. we are going to crank up the heat over the course of the next 72 how. we head into your fourth of july weekend. let's check that drive, here's mike inouye. garfield references, i'm picturing you next to them, i don't know. over here the bay bridge, the metering lights are on, folks, and we have the backup quickly forming. a little bit lighter and coming out of the maize, easy drive, no problems for the east shore freeway. giants play at 12:45, complicated by the cloe sthur on northbound 280. continues close all weekend. 101 up towards vermont where
5:57 am
you'll cut over on 16th or maybe seventh or fourth, those are all your off-ramps. your friends all weekend long, expect maybe a half hour to possibly an hour delay because of that surface street's congestion. there's a south bay and the east bay. typical tri-valley slowing, back to you. 5:57, waiting for new numbers on the wild fire burning in napa county. crews are hoping they've gained ground, update coming up. new video this morning of a warehouse fire in brazil. a toy factory up. flames. and love leaps to the -- leads to the arrest of a young woman. evidence that she was ready to join a terrorist group.
5:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
5:59 am
we heard a blast, like a really loud fire cracker and i saw some blood. >> a backyard fire pit explodes overnight while a girl's softball team roasts marshmallows. live with the details.
6:00 am
dispatch center delays. in the south bay, the glitch that kept 911 callers on hold for minutes at a time. wild fire still burning out of control in wine country, and firefighters aren't gaining much ground. the local strike team that just loaded up to help, next. we will check the local conditions there, and as we get ready to celebrate our nations birthday, we are going to see some comfortable weather. today, tomorrow, repeats of yesterday. then as we head through the weekend, we are going to crank up that heat. lots to go over this morning in your microclimate weather forecast. and we're live right here 280, that's the reason for the closure, look, that roadway doesn't connect, you cannot drive there. i'll show you how to get into san francisco as your alternate. we'll check the statuses, we'll check the mass transit as well coming up. >> thanks mike. live look outside at san jose this morning, it is thursday, july 3rd, this is "today in the bay." >


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